Here at Auto Di Lusso, we pride ourselves in achieving the finest standard of work. We believe that showing you what we're capable of is the best way for you to see exactly what we can do for you. Click the images below for and in-depth writeup and pictures from previous work!  It will give you a better insight into what's involved in detailing a car. 

Bentley Continental GT

Mercedes C180 Estate

Aston Martin Vantage S

This was a returning customer as we have already detailed his last Vantage. This vantage S came in for a elegance detail on the exterior as the paint had heavy scratches all over. 

Audi A5 TDI

This brand new Audi A5 came to us to get the paint work fully protected with Gtechniq. With all our new car details we always machine polish the paint work to perfection.

BMW M3 Convertible, One day enhancement.

The customer of this car wasn't happy with the condition of the interior and exterior as he had just purchased it. The car came in for a one day enhancement.

BMW M135i

This BMW M135 came in to get the exterior protected from the elements. This car sounds so good, the owner has done alot to it. The paint work was protected with a coating called Gyeon Can coat.

Jaguar F Type

Jag f type;- Came in for a new car detail, the car was 6 months old and the paint wasn’t in the best of condition. The problem was the paint was so soft. Read more